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Well, well, well…. It’s Tuesday! We want to hear all your dirty little secrets… good, bad, and ugly. Have you been doing well on the Shrinkvivor Challenges or slipping a little here and there? Have you given into buying Halloween candy even though it’s only September?

I’ll break the ice.

True Confessions of Melissa:

  • I am megaCrabby. Stabby. Owly. Positively murderous somedays.
  • I am *trying* to not let it derail my eating and exercising.
  • I gave in to Gardetto’s snack mix over the weekend. We were traveling and I was avoiding the drive-thru.
  • I am really craving candy. Every time I argue with my husband, I want to run out and buy Sweetarts. I haven’t… yet.
  • I am dying to start boxing classes of some sort. How I wish there was an L.A. Boxing close to me! I think it would be not only an awesome workout, but relieve some of this pent-up aggression and hostility I am carrying around! See confession #1.
  • There IS a kickboxing class beginning next week before my muscle work++ class, and I think I will give it a try. I’m scared. I sure wish I had a friend to go with me. Hint, hint, Meg or Jen.
  • I could really, really use some love and virtual hugs today, k? I am a total Debbie Downer. IJS.

That’s all for this week! Now it’s YOUR TURN! Go! Write! Link!

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