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Hey all! Happy Halloween Eve!

I just got back from Trunk or Treat and may or may not have overdosed on Reese’s Cups when I looked up and thought “OH CRAP! I forgot to pick a winner for the Fitbloggin’!”

I licked the chocolate off my fingers, realized the irony of me licking chocolate off my fingers as I picked a winner to Fitbloggin’,  ran to the ‘puter and went to my trusty old friend He tabulated the results and let me know that the winners are:

Grand Prize – KIRSTEN!!!

First Prize – CARMEN!!!

And then he said “Hey, Skinny Minny, you look so beautiful tonight that I thought I would spit out another winner for you since your readers are so stinkin’ awesome!”

That’s right folks, we have another TICKET ONLY to giveaway and it goes to BARI!!!

A big thank you to EVERYONE who entered! Watching the entrants for the Grand Prize was awesome and I loved how many of you broke out of your comfort zones to do a vlog! That’s great!

Winners, please send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll let you know how all this will work! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

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