Fitbloggin' Saturday Giveaway!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I am so, SO excited to let you all know about this week’s giveaway.

In May 2011, there’s a little fitness blogging conference taking place in Baltimore, Maryland.

It’s called Fitbloggin. And it’s amazing.

It’s a weekend jam packed full of amazing speakers and information and get togethers and fitness opportunities and fun and love and rainbows and sparkles.

We already know of SEVERAL Sisters that are making the trek to Fitbloggin’, and we want to send two more.

We are giving away not one, but TWO Fitbloggin prizes!

The Grand Prize is a ticket to Fitbloggin’ plus a $100 Visa Gift Card to cover any expenses you have to incur to get there.

The First Prize is a ticket to Fitbloggin’.

We are handling these as two SEPARATE giveaways, so you have to do a little bit something extra. Oh yeah, we’re gonna make you work for it.

For the Grand Prize, you must post a