Me::Exposed – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


October 14, 2010 By Christy

One year later, the Exposed Movement is being celebrated all throughout the internets. At the Sisterhood, we’re Exposing ourselves, and here I am.


I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head. The car accident I was in one week ago today is still fresh in my mind, and if anything it’s made me appreciate my body so much more.

My body is alive.

My body is whole and unbroken.

My body, although it failed me for 15 seconds, was able to recover quickly and my mind was strong enough to take care of my children.

I love my body.

My mind is quick.

My words are, more often than not, funny.

My heart is full of love. Both given and received.

My arms do so much. Hug. Hold. Comfort. Lift. Squeeze. Throw. Propel.

My hands hold, soothe, photograph, wipe away tears, tickle, type, wear a wedding ring, clap, create, wave. My hands are strong.

My breasts fed 2 babies for a combined 34 months.

My stomach grew those babies and kept them safe for 80 weeks total. It grew and grew and grew, and is still shrinking.

My trunk is full of good junk. It looks good in jeans and is comfy to sit on.

My legs. WOW. They are strong. They have propelled me hundreds of miles while running, and probably millions of miles walking. They have never failed me. Also, I love my ankles.

My feet are perfect. They take me where I need to go, and they love a good pair of running shoes.

My love for my body is unending.