October 2010 Archives – 4/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Welcome to this week’s Tribal Council. This week April is our host, and since she recorded it before work, she wasn’t able to do several shots of tequila to stave off the nerves. Really, that’s how we get through our vlogs, yo. Lots of tequila. Okay, not really…… 😉 So let’s give it up for […]

To be perfectly honest, I have days where I’m ready to throw up my hands. I’m tired. Tired of working out. Tired of watching my food ALL. THE. TIME. Those days can go a long way to throw a wrench in my quest for a healthy lifestyle. And if I let those days get the […]

Hey everyone!! Congratulations to all of you for pulling out all the stops on your fastest miles! WOW! All of us here at the Sisterhood are so stinkin’ proud of you. Here are your next set of challenges! Get out there and bust your rumps so your tribe can win immunity, okay? If you are […]

Another week has come and gone! How are you doing? Are you losing pounds, gaining muscle, and making healthy choices? You have had over 21 days to start instilling new habits and ways of thinking… is it working? How are you doing on the fitness and non-fitness challenges? Are you avoiding the drive-thrus, drinking your […]

Hi! It’s me again! Tuesday is Biggest Loser Day! (Or for you, it could be Glee Day, or No Ordinary Family Day. Pick your show!) And Biggest Loser Day (Or Glee Day or No Ordinary Family Day) means LAST CHANCE TWORKOUT™ time! So, change into your work out clothes, grab a water bottle, your weights, […]

Guess what? It’s True Confessions day! (Did I hear groans? Let’s try that again, no groans this time.) Guess what? It’s True Confessions day! *pauses* (No groans.  Good job!)  How was your week? Did you have a great week? Did you slip up? It’s okay if you did, because now you get to confess and […]

Do you know what I’m talking about yet? I’m talking about the pledge. THE pledge.  The one where you vow to love yourself, finally, once and for all. You can read the original Monthly Project post here. You think it sounds lame, don’t you? Well then answer the following: How many times have you pushed […]

We have two questions from Sisterhood readers this week about running issues. Keep those questions coming. The first question is well-timed as we’re starting to come up to Winter and the subject will be everyone’s minds. The other question, regarding overuse injuries, comes up all of the time. So let’s get going! Becki writes in […]

If you follow me and Thea on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve noticed tweets such as, “Shut the hell up.” or “Jerk.” being thrown at one another. We mean it in good fun, but what none of you may not realize is just how much I really admire Thea. I remember Thea saying once that she […]

(Updated) Winner winner chicken dinner!  Congrats Trish- you are the winner of the Fuel Belt.  Please email your address and the item you want to [email protected]. I started running with The Sisterhood back in October 2009 during our Virtual 5K Challenge.  Prior to that challenge, I hated to run and would never willingly choose to […]

The time has come. It’s been a long time coming. But the time is now. Today is the day we take the pledge. Ladies (and Gentlemen), October is the month of love. We here at the Sisterhood are declaring October “I LOVE MYSELF” Month! A month dedicated entirely to finding acceptance and love in our hearts […]

A couple of weekends ago, I had a breakthrough run. I really, really needed this breakthrough because I had a long string of disappointing workouts leading up to it and I was beginning to doubt and question myself and I was ready to quit. My breakthrough was a sub-30 minute 5k run during a triathlon!!! […]