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This is the story of how I found an amazing company that is all about us girls.

Back in June, Team Shrinking Jeans headed off to San Diego to run the Rock N Roll Half-Marathon for Team In Training. (As a team, we raised more than $50,000 but that’s not the point, I’m just bragging.)

Two days before the race, I went to the Fitness Expo to pick up my race packet and I made my rounds gathering samples and trying out new yummy gels.

Whilst on my way, I ran into a shirt. The shirt made me giggle because I am currently(and constantly, really) in competition with my husband who never trains for anything and it’s maddening when he beats me in something because I DO train, I train like a madwoman!Why is he like this!

So the shirt read:

Running shoes: $89 Race Entry Fee: $45

Crossing the finish line before my husband: PRICELESS.

My favorite shirt in alllll the world. And I wasn’t sure if I should get it (but it was so SOFT!) And there was only one left and it was royal blue (MY COLOR!)

But I left.

And I went back to the hotel.

And I could think of nothing but the shirt. All night long, the shirt. (My poor roommate. She heard all about it.)

So I got up in the morning and went back and there it was miraculously still on the rack (IT WAS MEANT TO BE!) And I bought it. Mine all MINE!

I wore it home from the race. The flight attendants all laughed and talked about how much they loved the shirt and people who walked by me and read it all took a second look and sometimes I’d see that wave of recognition about how awesome my shirt was pass over their face. I got some thumbs ups.

That very next weekend I beat my husband in a 5k we ran.


By a full minute.

I know it was the shirt. I just know it. By the way, he’s the one who took this picture and he’s been asked about the shirt when I wear it around him (he’s a good sport. He’s a better sport than me.)

But enough about its amazing super powers, I’d just like to introduce you to its plushness. I’ll try to give you an idea but you won’t really get the full effect until you’re in it yourself.

“100% combed, ring spun, jersey cotton. Short sleeve shirt, tapered waist, garment washed, no-shrinkage.”

Besides the fact that they used the word “shrinkage,” doesn’t the description just make you swoon? It makes me want to be swaddled.

I love the shirts because they’re shaped like a girlie shirt. They’re not too short because sometimes girlie-shaped shirts are too short but these are not and they are made to fit our bodies. And the softness is literally like bathing in a pool of Downy fabric softener. I’ve washed it at least 10,000 times and it hasn’t lost its shape, color or softness.

I wear this shirt after my races because it’s so comfortable and I love traveling in it, it’s my buddy and the best $20 I’ve ever spent. (Seriously, I tried this shirt on my own and it’s my favorite and that’s my favorite type of review, where I have found something and I just want to share it with the world because I know they’ll love it like I do.)

Also, if you know me you also know me and my fetish for inspirational words, words that I can draw on when I am at my weakest or strongest moments and I love the slogans at Girlz N Gear. Like, “13.1: Hard Work + Dedication + Strength.” Or “Run like you got a pair.” *Snicker.* (That MUST be my next shirt.)

I could rave some more about the shirt, but instead I’ll rave about the company, which is run but two girls who are making this company their dream. A lot of times when you see a company at an expo, you think they’re some big corporate giant and you don’t get to know the story behind them. But this is a company I feel one with because of everything they’re about, they’re girls trying to spread their inspiration to fitness expos and races and women everywhere.

And it worked on me.

Now one of you will get to experience the joy of one of their shirts yourself! Hurrah! Thanks Girlz N Gear! All you have to do to enter into this giveaway is:

  1. Head over to the Girlz N Gear site and take a look at their plushy loveliness and leave a comment about which saying you love best.
  2. Become a fan of Girlz N Gear on Facebook.
  3. Tweet about this giveaway!
  4. Post about it on your blog and/or on Facebook and leave a link or comment telling us so!

You get 4 entries for your chance to win a shirt! (Giveaway good for the cottony type shirts.)

Here’s some more good news! Been trying to get into the DC Marine Corps Marathon at the end of this month or know someone who is broken hearted they didn’t get in? Girlz N Gear has TWO SPOTS into the SOLD OUT RACE and they’re raffling them off to a lucky winner! So if you purchase something from their store online, you automatically get entered into the race raffle if you enter in code: MCM. YOU LITERALLY HAVE ONLY DAYS TO DO THIS! The raffle ends on Monday and the winner is announced on Tuesday! So if you want in, GO GET EM, TIGER! You must make a purchase to be entered into the raffle.

OK back to our giveaway (their raffle is unrelated to this giveaway by the way), if you don’t win this shirt giveaway, you must go to there and get one anyway. This giveaway ends on Friday, October 22nd, at 12 a.m. ET.

That is all.

Disclosure: We are reviewing a product we love. We were not monetarily compensated, and, as always, all opinions expressed are our own.  Girlz N Gear is providing one tee for the giveaway (excludes tech shirts).

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