Shrinkvivor Weekly Check-in #7 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Holy wow Shrinkvivors! Can you believe we’re almost to end of our Shrinkvivor Challenge? There are 27 members of Tribe Outlast and 54 people on Exile Island. Congratulations to all of you for making it this far in the game. It’s simply amazing to see how well all of you have done during this challenge, and I cannot begin to tell you how proud we are of YOU!

We would like to once again thank all of our spectacular sponsors – CLICK, EA SPORTS Active, Land’s End, Fitness Coffee, Miraclebody Jeans, and BornFit – without them, this challenge wouldn’t have been as fun or competitive!

So here’s the rundown: Go jump on your scale NOW! Then give it a little smooch because you know that number is smaller than it was 6 weeks ago. Give your reflection in the mirror a serious high-five, and get back to your computer and blog! Be sure to come back and link up with your post so we can all see how badass you are, and then go around and show some love to your fellow tribemates. Simple, no?

Also, while you’re blogging, let me know how you did this week with the trans-fat elimination. Did you read the labels? Were you surprised? Did you find some sneaky trans-fats (read: hydrogenated oils) trying to weasel their way in even though the labels claimed ZERO trans-fats? I’ll bet you did!

Remember, everyone needs to weigh-in today! When you fill in the form, you’re either on Tribe Outlast, or Exile Island. Pick one. Don’t forget to log your miles, because this week immunity is only going to ONE person! Members of Tribe Outlast can also vote to send one person from their tribe to Exile Island, but you certainly don’t have to vote for anyone.

Later today we’ll announce our final fitness and non-fitness challenges, although this week no one will be eligible for Immunity. But you should still participate yo, because I said. It’s good for you, and look how well you’ve done with them thus far.

Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll have our regularly scheduled Tribal Council vlog where we’ll announce which person won immunity, and who’s going to Exile Island. So exciting! AND we’ll also have a very special vlog tomorrow night announcing the TOP 7 Shrinkvivors! Woot! Be sure to check back for that one.

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