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It’s Sunday – and that means Sister Spotlight! I love this day so much, each week learning more about all the fantastic women  and men that make up this amazing support system!

Last Sunday, Mel of Mel Gets Fit was featured, and this week, it’s her pick.

It’s all yours, Mel!! Take it away…


First of all, I just want to send a BIG thanks for Melissa for her kind words last week in my spotlight.  It was so amazing getting to meet her in person earlier this year when Team Shrinking Jeans finally got together for the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon.  All of the Sisters who were part of Team Shrinking Jeans were absolutely amazing and I feel so honored to call them friends!  I’m looking forward to getting to spend more time with several of them when we all meet up again in May at FitBloggin’11.  (Shameless plug alert:  If you haven’t already seen it, the Sisterhood is giving away TWO tickets to FitBloggin’.  So, go enter!)

Now, moving on, my choice for this week’s Sister Spotlight is Trish from Just The 6 of Us.  I only “met” Trish recently as part of the Shrinkvivor Challenge.  She started the challenge as a member of the Moxie Maroon Mavens tribe  Even though she’s moved on to Exile Island now, she’s still doing an awesome job in the challenge!  We actually weren’t on the same tribe though since I’m a part of the Lilac Lovelies, I admit that I was secretly reading the group page for the Maroon tribe because two friends of mine (Tiffany Z. & Tracy G.) were part of that tribe as well.

In reading their posts, through her words Trish just came across as being so incredibly supportive and encouraging which I thought was awesome!  I soon started following her on Twitter and she started following me back as well. (If you want to follow either of us, I’m @MelGetsFit and she’s @TrishB.)  It wasn’t long before we started chatting pretty regularly there. I also started reading her blog and was even more inspired by her.  She is awesome wife, mom, and scrapper.  As if that weren’t inspiration enough, she’s also lost nearly SEVENTY (yes, 70!) pounds in the past year.  WOW!  She also wrote an absolutely amazing Exposed Movement post as part of our Shrinkvivor homework last week.  All around, she’s just doing such an awesome job!

So, if you aren’t already following Trish and reading her blog, you should start.  She’s an amazing woman and an awesome Sister.  🙂


There you have it! I loved learning more about Trish! And now, Trish, it’s your turn. Email your pick to support@shrinkingjeans by next Friday.

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