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Last week’s spotlight was Trish B, so she had the opportunity to pass the honor on this week! From Trish:

I just want to say how humbled, surprised and just overwhelmed I was when I read all the sweet things Mel said about me last week. Finding you guys when I did has been a blessing for me and in my weight loss journey. You have all pulled me out of a funk more than a time or two and smacked me around a little to get my head back in the game. I feel as though I can say just about anything and more than one of you will say “I have been there” or “this is how I did it”. I thank each and everyone of you for all the help you have given me and your tireless, superb work and unconditional love and encouragement you give each other!

My choice for this week’s Sister Spotlight is *drum roll please* Tiffany from Releasing Me . I had the wonderful opportunity to be in Tribe Moxy Maroon Mavens with her for the Shrinkvivor Challenge. When I first started talking to her, she gave of this amazing energy, such excitement that I just wanted to pack up and move to Arizona so I could steal some of it! She is an awesome wife and mother to 2 wonderful boys. Her work as a registered nurse in a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology is just awe inspiring. Reading through her blog, I found and instant connection with her and also discovered that she ran a Half Marathon with The Shrinking Jeans ladies! During her time with the Sisterhood she has been able to “Release” 30lbs and is now sporting a new button! What really knocked my socks off during the Shrinkvivor challenge, she has lost 13.2lbs! Tiffany wrote a moving Exposed post, if you have not had a chance to read, please do, grab some tissues because you’ll need them! Since I have “known” her she has been my biggest cheerleader and I will never be able to tell her how much her support has meant to me. She gives so much of herself in her encouragement to others that you immediately know it comes from the heart!  Go check out Tiffany’s blog, follow her on Twitter and be inspired. I know I was and I just love her to pieces!

Thanks, Trish! I agree 110% with your choice. I love, LOVE Tiffany. She is a wonderful woman, mother, and friend. She is my long-lost sister! 🙂 Now it’s your turn, Tiffany! Please submit your choice for Sister Spotlight by Friday! Thanks!

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