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I talked a bit about the whole Exposed movement in yesterday’s vlog post and said I would expand on it more today, with a photo (eek!). We spend a lot of time being overly critical and negative towards our bodies. Maybe you don’t like your flabby arms, your sagging tummy, or your thunder thighs. We tend to get down on ourselves because we don’t wear a certain size or are not proportioned the way we would like. It’s time to stop the self-hating.

What would it be like if we stopped wondering “what if” and “when I lose this much” and simply appreciated our bodies for what they ARE. Today. Right now. At this stage in your journey, how would it feel to say you love yourself and focus on the what your body has done for you and what it CAN do for you?

Every body has a story. Own it. Share it. CELEBRATE IT.

Here I am (deep breath):

I am far from perfect. My weight-loss journey is long and agonizingly slow. I could smother myself in the negative self-talk. I could tell you that I hate my thighs, my dimply skin, my stretch marks… but I choose not to. I have good days and I have bad days. I am REAL. I am a work-in-progress, but on this adventure I will appreciate my body for what it is at this very moment, as I will appreciate it all throughout it’s changes.

Since this is a Thursday Three post and all, I suppose I should have a list. 🙂

1. I love my calves. They are strong and muscular. They support me mile after mile, lunge after lunge, and squat after squat. They are getting more fabulous with every workout I do.

2. I love how it feels when I push my body further than I think it can go.

3. I love my forearms. They have big muscles and can throw jabs, hooks, and cross punches. They can lift children, sometimes two at a time. They can hug my husband, my family, and my friends.

What do you love about your body? I encourage you to Expose yourself. Really. It’s freeing and wonderful. If you just don’t feel comfortable posting a photo, then simply write about why your body is fabulous! Come back here and link up, we want to help you celebrate!

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