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To be perfectly honest, I have days where I’m ready to throw up my hands. I’m tired. Tired of working out. Tired of watching my food ALL. THE. TIME. Those days can go a long way to throw a wrench in my quest for a healthy lifestyle. And if I let those days get the better of me? Well, it can get ugly.

The only thing to do when negativity rears its ugly head is to come at it with fists flying.

Here’s what works for me…I make a list (I heart lists!). I force myself to come up with reasons why that DAY (not year or month or week) is amazing.

So today, well, I’m coming up with three. Cause today wasn’t great, y’all. No particular reason. Just not feeling great, my kid is driving me nuts (he has discovered how to pull chairs across the kitchen to climb onto the counters), and I’m just, well, TIRED. Plus, a lot of really sad stuff has been going on in my hometown and I’m honestly afraid these days to go online and read the newspaper from there cause seriously, it’s been AWFUL.

So, I truly need to dig myself out today. Big time.

Okay. Today is GREAT because:

1. The sun is shining. It is an amazing autumn day – crisp. It SMELLS like Fall. The leaves are turning and it’s gorgeous.

2. I rediscovered one of my favorite bands today. Heart. Don’t you just LOVE it when you stumble across something you used to love and it’s even BETTER than you remember?

3.  My new niece was born last night. Our family has had a pretty rough year with losing my mother-in-law. I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with my sister-in-law just before the birth, and I’m not kidding, my mother-in-law was palpable in that room. The birth was textbook, my sister-in-law was a rock star and my new niece, Kadence, is gorgeous and healthy. That is enough to make ANY day great.

Now, it’s your turn…why is this day GREAT for you? I know, sometimes its a reach. But sometimes, making the effort to peer through the muck and search out the happy? It makes all the difference.

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