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It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means, right? TRUE CONFESSIONS! Don’t know what that is? Well, today’s the day when you step into the Sisterhood Confessional and tell us about all the stuff you need to get off your chest. Did you mess up this week? Did you fall off your plan? Or did you have a great week, and have some non-scale victories? We’ll keep all of your secrets, so there’s no need to worry.

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Here are my confessions, the stressed out edition.

I’ve been stressed out for weeks. Up until this week, I’ve been able to maintain some self-control. Up until this week…..

This week, all hell broke loose.

I am stressed. I am tired. I am frustrated.

  1. I have not really run in 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS (seems like it’s been so much longer)!
  2. I am supposed to run a 1/2 marathon in 26 days. TWENTY-SIX DAYS (holy shit)!
  3. The last long run I had was 7 miles (only 7!).
  4. I am freaking out (to put it mildly).
  5. I am eating more than I should (chicken fried steak, migas, bread, dessert, nachos, etc).
  6. I am exercising less than I should (which is basically NONE).
  7. I don’t know if I can do it (I’m serious about this).
  8. But I will do it. Somehow. I may walk 1/2 of it, but I will cross the finish line (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).
  9. Today, I have an appointment with a cardiologist and hopefully he’ll say I’m perfectly fine (I am perfectly fine….say it with me!).
  10. Tomorrow I will run, as far as I can, and I will get back to training (I can do it!).

The End (only it’s not the end, because I have so much catching up to do).

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