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Guess what? It’s True Confessions day! (Did I hear groans? Let’s try that again, no groans this time.)

Guess what? It’s True Confessions day! *pauses* (No groans.  Good job!)  How was your week? Did you have a great week? Did you slip up? It’s okay if you did, because now you get to confess and get it all out of your system!

I’ll start. We’ll do this list-style this time:

  1. Yesterday was Monday. I hate Mondays. Yesterday was fantastic. What is up with that?
  2. The past 5 out of 7 days, I’ve drank 2+ liters of water a day. Go me! (Note: Drinking that much water causes many, many trips to the restroom.)
  3. Turbo Jam has been my best friend lately.
  4. OK, fine. If you must know, I had dark beers at bowling. Not light beers. I know, I know.
  5. AND if I’m being honest, I had THE BEST WRAP WITH BACON and FRIES last week. Yeah, I know your jaws dropped.
  6. Oh crap, I had a few cookies too.
  8. And cookie dough. I know.

I hope you people are happy now. *hangs head*

But! Now I’ve confessed them! They’re off of my shoulders! I feel so much better. Whew. Here’s to a good week!

Now it’s your turn! What do YOU have to confess? Let’s hear it! The good, the bad, and the ugly! GO!

Shameless plug: Don’t forget about our Tworkout tonight! I’ll post all about it later! 😉

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