Who Needs a Last Chance Tworkout? | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hi! It’s me again! Tuesday is Biggest Loser Day! (Or for you, it could be Glee Day, or No Ordinary Family Day. Pick your show!) And Biggest Loser Day (Or Glee Day or No Ordinary Family Day) means LAST CHANCE TWORKOUT™ time! So, change into your work out clothes, grab a water bottle, your weights, a towel, then head on over to Twitter and join us at 8 p.m. Central for a butt kickin’ good time!

Tonight’s Tworkout:

1. Towel jump, 2 min; jump jacks 1 min.

2. Squat hold, 30 sec; 15(or more) push-ups; squat hold 30 sec

3. Jump lunges, 20

4. 50 bicep curls (alternate lifting your knees)

5. You know what, I like #3 so much… let’s do it again! Jump lunges, 20

6. Plank hold, hold it for as long as you can!


If you want to follow along on TweetGrid, go here.

See you there!

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