Not my race report – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


November 15, 2010 By Christy

This past weekend I was supposed to run the San Antonio Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon. I was supposed to run it with Lisa. It was going to be awesome and amazing and well, it was just supposed to be. But shit happens and I didn’t race.

My son BJ did though.

I remember being on Twitter and Ryan asking me what race BJ was doing and I joked that he was doing the 1/2 for me. He didn’t do the 1/2, but he did do the kids race on Saturday – San Antonio Kids Rock 1 mile race.

On Friday night we cruised into SA and headed to the expo at the Alamodome. The same expo where I was supposed to be picking up my race packet. Ouch. Yeah, I shed some tears, but after I saw BJ with his race bib and t-shirt the tears were happy.

He was SO excited!

In true night-before-race fashion, we headed to a fantastic Italian restaurant that night and carb-loaded in style. Only the best wine, okay not really for our boy.

Saturday morning we got up, went in search of good not hotel coffee (for me) and then headed down to Brackenridge park for the race. After a little, okay a LOT of parking lot searching and walking, we finally found the start line. BJ was literally jumping around and ready to go. It amazed me and Brian how NOT nervous he was – totally ready to do it, no uncertainties at all. Oh to be a 7 year-old.

At the start line, they had the kids line up in groups – for a wave start – and BJ was on the 6th line.

After a little pep talk from me about not going out too fast and saving his energy for a strong finish, and major thumbs up from Brian, the start of the 1st grade race was announced. As each waved moved up, I jockeyed for position to get the shot of BJ bursting across the start line. And burst he did – his hair was a streak of white lightening.

As soon as he crossed the start line I hit started my stop watch, and we started huffing it over to the finish line.

It took us 4 minutes to get there, and I figured we had another 4-5 minutes before he would be coming in. At about 00:07:30 the first kid (a girl!!) crossed the line and the next thing I know Brian is shouting, There he is! There he is! He’s crossing the finish line already! In amazement I stopped my stopwatch and started clicking the camera. WOW. He completed the 1-mile race in 00:07:51.

He was in 5th place overall, even though he started the race in the 6th wave. The boy was literally flying to overtake all the kids who started before him. He recounted that one boy was trying to move in on him, but he kicked it into high gear and stayed ahead of him. Totally my boy.

With a mixture of tears and happiness (okay a LOT of tears) I claimed my boy at the finish line and hugged him so hard. Brian and I were so unbelievably proud of BJ. Our speedy little white lightening.

He promptly shared his spoils with his sister in the form of a quick medal test drive and some chocolate milk, and then posed for the gratuitous medal shot.

And then he asked me when we could do our 1st 1/2 marathon together. Swoon.

After the race we celebrated at Taco Taco with, you guessed it, tacos of the breakfast variety, and then we promptly returned to our hotel room for a group nap. Yeah, that’s how we rolled on race day.

Typing this race report out for my son was amazing. So amazing. I know there will be moments in his life when I am more proud, but right now, this race and his joyous experience takes the cake.