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I’ve enjoyed trying these so much that I have nicknamed them the V8 FUSION OF JOY!

Today we’re reviewing V8 Fusion at the Sisterhood and I love them.

I’ve already said that.

But sometimes things I review make me giddy and these are one of them.

(Aren’t they pretty? Pretty maids all in a row…)

V8 has come up with a new drink in addition to their already yummy lineup. This one has green tea in it to add special antioxidant power.

These are the flavors we got to try: Raspberry Green Tea, Pineapple Mango Green Tea, and Pomegranate Green Tea. We also tried the classic Spicy Hot Low-Sodium V8.

I sat down with all the bottles as if it were a wine tasting and I even used a wine glass. Because honestly we should use our wine glasses more and for no good reason except to enjoy whatever beverage we want to put in there.

But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, I tried each of them and loved the taste of all of them. Then, the kids woke up from their naps and spotted me with my pretty maids all in a row and they wanted to try them too and who am I to stop them from having an entire serving of fruits and vegetables? That’s right. So I filled up their sippy cups with V8 Fusion and I let them both try them all.

Both the 4 year old and the 2 year old’s favorite was “the yellow one.” Which was the Pineapple Mango.

V8 Fusion is made of 100% juice and each cup is about 50 calories, which to me is awesome. In each cup, there is a full serving of veggies and a full serving of fruit, plus vitamins A, C, and E so I enjoyed very much the fact that the kids liked it. Of course I will still serve them veggies, but you really can’t get enough of them, ya know?

The V8 100% Vegetable Juice contains 3 out of 5 of your veggie daily requirements. The V8 website also has a ton of really cool recipes on there to enjoy like the Veggie Pot Roast which looks deelish.

Here’s what the rest of the Sisterhood contributors had to say about the V8 Fusion:

Heather: “I LOVE that it’s only 50 calories and has a serving of fruit and veg, especially since I am not loving vegetables during this pregnancy. Plus, it’s not too sweet, which is fantastic. I usually find most juices to be WAY too sweet.”

Christy: “We loved all the flavors of the green tea SO much. The kids loved it, I love it, Brian loved it. The thing I love most is that it’s only 50 calories per cup and you get a whole serving of fruit/vegs from it. That’s way better than any juice out there!!”

April: “I put the spicy tomato in my tomato soup and LOVED it. I burnt my grilled cheese though.”

Melissa: “The twins and I have been drinking the pom green tea one and love it! I also love that it’s a serving of fruits and veggies for 50 cals.”

Thea: “Jacob loves the Pom Green Tea and Dave really likes the Spicy V8.”

Well, V8, I think you’ve sold us, what do you think?

Now which one of our readers wants to try them? Or shall I say, which THREE of our readers wants to try some? Because we have 3 giftpacks from V8 to give away!

All you have to do is leave a comment. BUT you can get more entries if you are really excited about this giveaway.

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