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At a time of year when the to-do list looks like a replica of the dead see scrolls and ADD flareups are at an all time high, pretty much the last thing we seem to make a priority is our own health. Sure, a spirit of giving is a really great thing to have, but if it comes at the expense of our well-being, it might not be so awesome. If you’re anything like me, it’s probably time to do some extra planning so we can bring in the new year without looking like we’re smuggling mashed potatoes and gravy in our trousers (trousers? really Ryan? who says trousers?)

To help keep us on track during the hectic holiday season, I’ve compiled a list of smart ways to be more active and stay in control at the 6 week buffet that starts Thanksgiving day and goes until after the New Year.

  • Plan family activities that are actually active – Things like ice skating, sledding, and skiing are great family activities that will burn loads of calories and create family memories (awww!)
  • Don’t sabotage yourself – Recognize today that there may be days you slip up. MizFitonline reminds us in this vlog that if we woke up with three slashed tires, we wouldn’t slash the fourth. If you make a poor eating choice, don’t carry it through to the next day. Every day, or even every choice, is a new opportunity to meet your eating goals.
  • Avoid the binge and starve cycle – If you do eat a big dinner or too much dessert, don’t try and compensate by skipping meals the next day. It will really screw with your metabolism and can really put your body in a funk. Simply make smart choices and eat well as you would on any other day.
  • Don’t drink Uncle Eddie’s Egg Nog – Drinking alcohol during the holidays is obviously commonplace, but be sure to keep it in check. Your body burns off the calories in alcohol very quickly, but unfortunately that means all the calories from the food you ate before you had a drink are stored, not burned off. Basically that means some serious holiday love handles if the drinking gets too out of hand.
  • Focus on Y-O-U – I’m definitely guilty of this, but it seems as though the holiday’s make it nearly impossible to exercise the way that we’re used to. We may not be able to make it to the gym for an hour every day, but staying active is crucial. It helps us get rid of stress which will definitely help us enjoy the celebrations instead of resenting them. Even if our workouts end up being spread throughout the day, at least we’re focusing on our needs and maintaining our healthy habits.

The truth is that the holidays are hard for all of us. Don’t add to the stress of the holidays by expecting perfection, but be sure to keep yourself accountable. The Hood is a great place to be accountable and talk with other people who may be tempted or overwhelmed just like you. If you find yourself looking for more tips and tricks to survive the holidays, be sure to check out this HUGE guide from A Merry Life.

What are your biggest holiday obstacles and how do you deal with them?

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