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Happy November! Really? It’s November?

If you haven’t noticed already, there is a “festival” of sorts going on around here and if we could actually send you food through the computer it would be like a yummy food sample festival with all the yummy recipes that we’re posting each day.

But it’s the Taste of Sisterhood this month and since we don’t have the technology to dole food out of our computers yet (in real time), we’re recipe-swapping for the Monthly Project!

And this one’s a two parter!

Your project this month is to:

1) Try at least ONE of the featured recipes each week and then blog about it and report back each MONDAY, pictures and everything (if you got em!) If you’ve tried more of them, tell us! And then tell us your favorites!

2) Send me a healthy recipe of your own!([email protected])  I will try it myself, then feature it on Monday! If I receive too many recipes (HURRAH!) I will either divide them among the contributors or put the recipes on the ‘Hood, depending on how many we get. But if we feature yours, then we’ll link to your blog and everything and make you the star of the show!

Yes, it’s that easy! So, are you in? Of course you could do one of the two of these but really, it’s way more fun if you get involved and we get to see what YOU’RE cooking up behind that computer of yours!

Join us this Monday and tell us what you’ve tried! And if you have a recipe you’d like me to feature, send it to me! ([email protected]).

Each month, we do a project unrelated to any challenge we have going on and we work on something within ourselves or we do something fun to try and incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyles. Last month, we took the PLEDGE to love ourselves (won’t you?)

Taste of the Sisterhood is sponsored by Attune Foods!

Happy November!!!

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