The Monthly Project: Who's Recipe is Being Featured today? Hmmm? | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


The Taste of the Sisterhood has been a blessing to me and my dwindling recipe repertoire if I might say so myself. I hope you’ve been trying some of our wonderful recipes and if you have, please link up here if you’ve posted about them or tell us which ones you’ve tried! That’s what this Monthly Project’s all about!

This week I’m featuring a delicious recipe I’ve been meaning to cook for a real, real long time: CROCKPOT OATMEAL!  This one comes to us from Mary over at Another Step, and Another! (Thanks Mary!!)

Every time I see a crockpot oatmeal recipe I think about how I really want to try it so I am so glad that this one ended up in my email box!! FINALLY I have done it!! And I’m glad I did, it’s delicious!

Although oatmeal just doesn’t make for great pictures, I’m just sayin. But I sure tried!

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Here is the recipe:

8 c. water 2. c. steel cut oats

1/4 tsp. salt