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Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Are you dreaming of the most delicious food that will be placed in front of you this Thursday? Well, how about we start off this holiday right with a Tworkout™?

Tonight’s tworkout is a most special one because thanks to Attune Foods, we have mucho prizes to give out today! The prizes start with RSVP-ing to the tworkout tonight! Three randomly selected tworkouters who RSVP in the comments below will win a prize! (Winners will be announced at the start of the Tworkout.) Then, we have four more prizes to give out DURING the Tworkout! So, join us on Twitter from 8-9:30 p.m. Central for all of tonight’s fun! Who is in?!

Tonight’s Tworkout:

1. 2 min run in place (while holding weights); 1 min jump squats

2. Wide stance push-ups, as many as you can do

3. 40 squats with tricep kickbacks

4. 15 burpees

5. 40 alternating side lunges with bicep curls

6. 60 second plankhold


(After our Tworkout, we will hang around for 30 extra minutes for questions and more prizes!)

As always, if you would like to follow along on TweetGrid go here!

Thanks to Attune Foods for sponsoring tonight’s Tworkout!

See you there!

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