24 Hours Only- Vote, vote, vote!!!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Remember our Holiday Vlogging Contest?  Where we asked YOU to vlog about your favorite holiday tradition and post your favorite healthy holiday recipe?  The contest that came loaded with some pretty awesome prizes?

Well, that contest is now over and it’s time to turn it over to all of you, to vote for your favorite vlog/recipe/person/whatever.  Go check out those vlogs right now and then come back here.  Major high fives to those who entered!

You have 24 hours to click on the poll, right over there, turn your eyes to the right, scroll down if you need to……and VOTE.

Voting will end tomorrow at 12pm, PST. Only one vote per person, please.

Winners will be announced later in day, at night if we’re really busy : ).

Good luck everyone!!!!

We’d like to give a huge THANKS to Attune Foods for being the sponsor for Taste of the Sisterhood! Without them, this contest wouldn’t have been possible!

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