The Power of One: A New Beginning – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


December 29, 2010 By lisa

I weigh 166 lbs today, which is UP from where I should be.  The holidays have not been kind to me.  Let me rephrase that, I have not been kind to my body during the holidays.  I have maintained my fitness level, exercising and running; however, my eating has been out of control, especially where chips and salsa are concerned.

I know I know, chips and salsa are probably not part of your holiday dinner but it was for me.  AND, I bought the mega bag of tortilla chips from Costco and have proceeded to inhale the bag by myself.  I have a love/hate relationship with tortilla chips.  I love to eat them, I hate the lack of self-control I have around them.

For a while there, I was refraining from buying big bags of chips for this exact reason.  I am WEAK around chips.  Period, the end.  I know this, Christy knows this, everyone knows this.  Not having it in the house made it all that much easier NOT to eat them.  Seems so simple, huh? 

I do believe I need to return to the “no big bags of chips from Costco in my house” notion again. 

“Just Say No” to Tortilla Chips.

My Healthy Living Goals:

  • To drink a minimum of 80 oz of water on non-workout days and a minimum of 100 oz of water on workout days.
  • To eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day.  My body just feels better when I fill it with more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.
  • To register and compete in my third half marathon- the Austin Half Marathon on Feb 20th, 2011.
  • To register, train, and compete in my first sprint triathlon (to be identified), possibly even do an Olympic triathlon as well.
  • To make my workouts count, each and every one of them.  No faking it through a workout- I want to sweat and sweat a lot.  I want to push the boundaries with my physical limits and go beyond them.
  • Read a book about the “mental game” of training and competing in longer races.  You guys do know that the mental game plays a HUGE role in training and competing, right?  Any book suggestions?
  • To drop 10 more lbs : ).

BTW, I am already loving this challenge.  Yeah, I know it just started today but the idea behind the concept is just awesome.  When it comes down to it, we have to rely on OURSELF to make the magic happen.