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Well it’s already week 3 of the Holiday Hoedown challenge. Can you believe it? Was it 3rd times a charm or 3 strikes and your out? Whatever the case, the good news is that today is a new day. The beautiful thing about healthy living is that we get to make choices all the time. Everything we do is a choice. And if we make a wrong choice? Well, then we make a better one next time. One bad week or even two bad weeks can’t negate the good that you’re capable of. So you had nachos for breakfast, don’t dwell on it. Move forward and have something more wholesome for lunch.

Choose to live a healthy life.

Choose to practice self control at your next holiday party. Yes, this applies to alcohol too. Heaven knows you don’t need an awkward drunk story to blog about next week. Although if by chance you do end up with an awkward drunk blog post, please send me the link 🙂

One choice at a time you will conquer the bad habit beast. Trust me, there’s no way to slay him all at once. I’ve tried many times on my own and that resilient bugger just keeps coming back for more. I have found that slowly and consistently delivering small punches keeps his attacks at bay. There is no secret combination to land a knockout blow, but frequent good choices will keep him from taking back control.

I hope this week went amazing well for you this week! Post your link below after filling out the form. Thanks so much for coming along for the ride!

Fitness & Non-Fitness Challenges for the Week!

For the fitness challenge, keep on racking up those minutes! Work it, work it, WORK IT! This week for the non-fitness challenge, we want you to try a new form of exercise! Boredom leads to slacking. No slackers here, folks. Get out there and try something new, whether it be a new class, new DVD, or a sport you don’t normally do! Have fun!


I know that you all want some more tunes so you can shake your booties and keep things interesting while you’re pumping out those crazy amounts of cardio that you’re all so famous for. That’s why SJ is going to hook you up Ricky Martin style! He’s still popular right? Well, whether you like  his stuff or someone even more famous like Billy Ray Cyrus, you can get a $20 iTunes gift card by following the instructions below.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. Check-in on the weigh-in form and leave a link to your blog post in our Linky widget. You must do both for one entry!
  2. You can also check-in on the weigh-in form AND leave a comment telling us about your biggest non-scale victory this week!
  3. The members of the team who wins the Fitness challenge this week will also get extra entries!

Contest ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. PT, and we’ll randomly pick and announce a winner on tomorrow’s leaderboard post!

Work hard this week! I know you’ve got it in you!

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