it begins:: the power of one – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


December 29, 2010 By Lissa

Our new challenge starts today! How evil ARE WE? I mean, it’s four days after Christmas and three days before New Year’s. Eek!

The good news is I am *only* up two pounds from last week. I am starting this challenge at 203.

The bad news is I completely pigged out from the 24th-28th. In a bad way. No restraint. Yuck.

More good news… I worked out this morning and am back following my awesome South Beach diet plan that has been treating me so well.

More bad news… we are headed to Colorado on vacation in two days. (you know, if we don’t get buried in snow)

I can do this, right?

My goals for this challenge:

  • get under 200.
  • be down to 190 or less by the end!
  • exercise, exercise, exercise!
  • start training for another 1/2 marathon! I haven’t really ran or walked since my last one. ;p

Let’s do this!