Sister Spotlight | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Last week was Erin W.’s time to shine, and this week, she has chosen another incredible Sister to spotlight. Erin, take it away…

The kind things Staci said about me last week really made my day. Heck, they made my life! I am honored and humbled and I just wanted her to know I love her and appreciate her just as much!

Now! My task was to nominate another sister to be the sister spotlight of the week. I thought it was only fitting to nominate the lovely lady that introduced me to Shrinking Jeans and the Sisterhood and ultimately changed my life for the waaay better!

Drumroll please…

Debra C.! ( You’re in the spotlight and boy does it look good on you! 😉

Deb and I met over the summer doing another challenge not on SJ. I got lucky and got assigned to her team on Shrinkvivor as well! I probably couldn’t have done it without her help. We’ve both come such a long way together. 🙂

If you have not had the immense pleasure of getting to know Deb, make it your new mission! Her feedback is always brilliant and encouraging, her blogs are hilarious and inspiring, and she is truly caring and amazing! I cannot think of anyone who has a bigger heart and deserves this more than she does! 😀

Besides the fact that she is an awesome woman/wife/mother/philanthropist/belly-dancer, she is just the greatest friend and sister to have on this long and exhausting (yet fun and rewarding) journey. I can’t even express the amount of times she has made me smile or turned my mood around for the better. I am so blessed to have Deb in my life!

So here’s to many more pounds and inches and negative self-image thoughts lost together.  Love you, girl! Erin, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bond you and Debra C. have made. Kind of makes me all verklempt..good stuff, good stuff. Okay Debra, your turn…time to shine a light on a Sister (or Brother) who has made a difference to you. Please email your nomination to [email protected] by Friday, December 10. (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)