Still Shrinking It. – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


December 1, 2010 By Lissa

This was week 2 on my strictest phase of the South Beach diet. We headed out to visit my husband at work for the holiday on Tuesday (thanks, Mother Nature) and stayed out at the rig with him until Sunday. I brought foods that I could eat, as well as ingredients to make a few dishes out of my SBD cookbook.

My confessions: Wednesday night, I had two glasses of wine, partnered with some puppy chow. Thanksgiving day, I had corn delight (omg, yum!) and bread, along with 3 beers. Friday, I hunkered down and I have been doing wonderfully since. I have decided to follow phase 1 for a few more days, though, to make up for this.

The amazing thing about not eating sugar? I am not constantly obsessed with thinking about food. I am far less hungry and have way less cravings! Crazy how that works.

I didn’t exercise the entire time I was at the rig, but Sunday morning I hit up kickboxing for the hardest workout EVER. That’s not a joke. Intense. Monday I did muscle work class, and yesterday, I attended the cardio circuit class again.

My scale told me that I weigh 209.8 this morning, which is JUST BARELY entering into a new decade. This is probably the least i have weighed in about 4-5 years though! Woot! I am down 1.2 lbs from last week, but as long as we are being honest here, I am disappointed in that number. I was hoping it would be much bigger. BOO. On a normal day, I would probably pout and be discouraged, but this happened yesterday:

I love, love, LOVE Silver jeans. I had a coupon for 20% off last week, so I ordered a pair two pairs, only in a size smaller than I usually get. They arrived yesterday, so I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and pulled them on. THEY PULLED RIGHT UP. AND BUTTONED. No twisting, pulling, stretching, or contorting my body into crazy positions to get them on! Victory is mine!

Let’s hear it for the HoHoHoes!