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It’s that time of the week again… where we make all of our little inconsistencies or big victories known to the public! Did you have a few too many slices of leftover pie? Did the turkey sandwiches get the best of you? Let’s hear it!

Here goes:

Last week was what I like to call “dance hell week”… otherwise known as the week my daughter’s dance studio prepares for the upcoming show. Practices every day, hours long, and FIVE WEEKEND SHOWS from Friday-Sunday. It’s pure craziness. I also had an out-of-town funeral thrown in the mix, too. I survived. I had to miss my two kickboxing workouts though. BOO.

Saturday night, my husband made me drink wine. I had two glasses. Instant headache. The headache then turned into an all-out migraine and I spent the night rolling in agony wanting to cry. Apparently, I can’t drink anymore? Or maybe the sugar from the wine really affects my body now that I am following South Beach?

Sunday, we decorated our house for Christmas. Yes, my husband is finally HOME after being gone most all of November! Woot! One of our family traditions is that we buy a box of chocolates and have a few pieces each. I did not resist. Plus side: I have resisted the chocolate SINCE then.

I had pizza on Sunday, too. My husband made mine special with whole wheat crust, no pepperoni, reduced-fat cheese, and TONS of veggies! What a good man.

I have these weird bruises showing up in the oddest places on my body. Lots of them. I am wondering if this is from the change in my diet or what is causing it. I do have an appointment coming up on Thursday to talk to a doctor about it and get some bloodwork done. Hopefully, he will tell me it’s just from lacking in a certain vitamin or something!

Now it’s your turn! Confess and link up below!

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