The Jury Is Still Out – The Shrinking Jeans of Nancy


January 24, 2011 By Nancy

I started zumba this week.  Who’s freakin idea was that????  not Christy    You never stop moving.  It’s just go and go and go. 

There is this tiny little instructor named Irma.  I do love Irma, but she’s kind of like a cheerleader.  She keeps saying we look great and coming around and high fiving  people.  Does she not see that I am tripping all over my own feet and my tongue is hanging out of my mouth from lack of hydration?  Even though I drank two bottles of water during the class!

There is quite a mix of people in the class.  You have the few who are really good.  I hate them!  You have the few people who are really bad.  I truly love them!  Then you have my group.  Every shape and size just trying to stay alive for that one hour.  There is one poor schmuck who is there with his wife.  The absolute funniest one is the owners wife who is also a preschool mom.  I know she wouldn’t care if I told you what she said.    She’s a good sport.  Before the class started she said, “If it looks like I am having a seizure, don’t call 911, I’m just a klutz with no rhythm.”.  I love her.  We were twins!!

It is constant movement.  It goes from one song to the next.  Never a downtime moment.  You shake and shimmy and step and dip.  You are flying around your little spot like a frisbee.  Irma is pretty good about keeping it moving but not crazy.  My boot camp instructor is there too.  She just got her zumba certification last week and she gets to do a few numbers.  When she kicks it in, it is like we go into hyper drive.  Way too fast and everyone is tripping on themselves and each other.  Quite the sight to see.

Like I said in the title, the jury is still out.  I’m going back Tuesday and Thursday.  To be honest, I’ll probably keep going back.  I don’t like to be a quiter and I don’t think it could actually kill me. 

All I have to say is this.  That studio floor had better start looking like that ad on tv at some point.  You know the one where people keep finding body fat on the beach and other places because they have fallin off people.  Yes, people better start finding pieces of my gut and butt and thighs lying on that studio floor!

Gross visual, but it would be so cool!  Real proof that it is all working!!