I got lucky. – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


January 19, 2011 By Lissa

That’s the only way to describe my weigh-in this week. Lucky.

I am at 202.8 lbs this morning, which is only up 0.2 from last week. I have had a few horrible weeks where I ate everything but my right arm and amazingly, I am still down since the beginning of the power of one challenge. That said, just thinking about where I COULD BE right now makes me feel crappy.

I got my ass back in gear (for real) yesterday… I re-started Phase 1 of the South Beach diet and I drug myself out to the gym. I am sitting here in my workout clothes as I type, vehicle is running, and I am heading to the gym in -21 degree weather. I got this.

Next week, I will be at 199.8 or less.