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When we put out a call for new writers last week, we had no idea there would be such an amazing response. Seriously. We were blown away by each email, each story, each testament, each woman.

Those women were brave to put themselves out there so honestly, because this journey is hard. And each story is so very personal and yes, sometimes painful.

It was SO very hard to only choose 1 writer (so we didn’t). You can’t even imagine. Saying no to those other strong women was also hard.

In the end we are pleased to announce our choices! We chose these particular women because they are tried and true Sisters in every sense of the word. The each have different stories, different journeys, different perspectives. They bring something to our site that is missing – and now it won’t be missing and we hope that in turn helps so many more women (and men).

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ll know both of these ladies well. They are saucy and sweet, and just plain awesome.


Mel’s Sisterhood blog can be found here!


and Nancy

Nancy’s Sisterhood blog can be found here!


These two ladies will join us in the regular posting rotation, and they’ll also have their own personal Shrinking blogs, so be sure to keep an eye on them as well!


Colleen can be found on the ‘hood here!


Colleen will be our new Social Sister! She’s taking offering support and motivation on the ‘hood and our Facebook page!

We are also welcoming a brand new addition to our expert panel! Colleen Arnold Ph.D. MFT will begin posting bi-weekly articles on the mental aspect of weight-loss and being overweight.

We’ll also be following a very special woman as she jumps feet first into this weight-loss journey. Each month Laurie will share with the Sisterhood her own personal journey to lose weight and get fit!

As if it could get any better, we are slated to have some amazing guest posts happening on a regular basis around here!

Everything we do, we do for you. To help you, to inspire you, to support you. That’s what this little place we call the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is all about!

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