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As a person who has struggled with her weight for most of her adult life, I know what it is like to need that little push. I know how it feels to need something to spark that little voice in your head that says, “If they have the courage to change their lives, then so can I.” I found that inspiration in a weight loss show, and if you know me at all you know that that weight loss show and I go way back. While I love that show and as inspirational as that show can be, it is not a realistic show. That show is a game. Those people work out ten hours a day, six or seven days a week. What person can do that in the real world?

Tonight, A&E brings us a new show about weigh loss. Heavy follows the journeys of twenty people who have decided to change their lives. For six months, a camera has followed them as they learn how to become new, healthier people. They aren’t playing a game. The ultimate prize isn’t $250 thousand dollars. The ultimate prize is getting their lives back.

The first episode follows two people, Tom and Jodi. Rather than tell you what happens in the episode (because you really need to watch it for yourselves), I’m going to tell you what I observed from Tom and Jodi. I saw two very unhappy people people who were prisoners of their bodies. In their own ways, they realized that they were both at a point where they need to choose life or death. And they chose life. They were given the right tools needed to lose weight in a realistic manner. Here’s the thing I think I like most about the episode. You see each of them struggle. You see them have set backs. Then you see them fight to regain control.

Isn’t that how weight loss really is? We all go through ups and downs. We have times when we gain or fall off the wagon. What we have to keep in mind is that this is our lives. We aren’t all on diets. We have made the choice to be the best, most authentic, healthiest versions of ourselves that we can be, so down times are going to happen. And that’s OK as long as we pick ourselves up again.

By the end of the episode, you see two completely new people. You see people who are changing their lives and choosing to be happy. You see two people who have hope and are looking forward to what life may bring them. You see how slow and frustrating the weight loss process truly is, but you also see that if you make the choice to stick with it, the benefits are amazing.

Heavy airs tonight on A&E at 10/9 c.

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