Oh Darn. A Post-Race Weigh-in – Christie O


January 12, 2011 By christieo

And we all know what that means!

I’m up again. I know I should be shrinking, but just in case you are ever wondering when you have a race or a long workout that lasts several hours and you have gained weight, it’s not weird. That’s what happens to me and what has happened. Every single time. It’ll be off by tomorrow but it always makes for an unfortunate weigh-in.

So I’m lookin for a nice weight-loss next week, because the marathon coupled with my stellar eating (which really is stellar by the way!) should be a good combo platter for me next week.

We shall see!

If you are wondering how the race went, it went, how do you say, not good. I wrote about it here but today is a new day and I already feel loads better from the way I felt for the past two days. If you have ever wondered what an amazing group the Sisterhood is to be a part of, just stick around and let them help you through your dark moments and share with all your amazing ones. I have never felt such friendship as I do right here. Without the Sisterhood, I’d still be wallowing at this very moment.

But like I said, today is a new day.

And I’m headed out to put my 26.2 sticker on my car.

Plus I got a new pair of sneakers.

And so now I’m ready to run again.