January 2011 Archives – 4/4 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


This weekend we are running our annual Sisterhood Virtual 5K (okay, so it was supposed to be in 2010, but we just barely missed it). We are dedicated these runs to all of our Sisters who are running in the Disney Full & 1/2 marathons this weekend. Congratulations to all of our Sisters (and brothers) […]

So did you write your letter?  A lot of you linked up HERE on the original post from Monday and if so, AWESOME! We’re so happy you did the project! Are you excited yet for 2011?? It’s going to be a GREAT YEAR! This is YOUR year!! If you’re wondering what this project is that […]

Anyone else just loving this challenge?  I love love love that we are ALL focusing inward, making ourselves better and better and better.  You, too?  Raise your hand high in the air if you agree….go ahead, do it now.  You girls/guys/hookers/rock stars/pimp daddies know how much we love you, right?  We love you so much that […]

Yes, this challenge is all about YOU. You’re not competing and there are no teams. But who doesn’t like to see a little leaderboard action? I mean really? What? You don’t know what a Leaderboard is? Well, it’s a board with leaders listed. Leaders being those who have had the most shrinkage over the past […]

Okay, I’m not sure how this happened, but our Annual Sisterhood Virtual 5K is this Saturday, January 8th. Whoa. For all of you who started the Couch to 5K Program back on November 1, your time to shine has arrived. And if you haven’t been training, feel free to join in. Really! Don’t feel like […]

This week, I am 21 weeks pregnant. Just past halfway. And can I just say? I’m sitting here, reading everyone’s posts about the Power of One, about their upcoming races and honestly? I’m so jealous. I miss a good hard workout. How free I feel when I’m running. Not walking around in a constant state […]

We are already a full half of a week into 2011, do you feel more powerful yet? Have you unleashed the “Power of One?” If not, we’ll get you there. It’s still early. Meantime, it is Wednesday and it is time to check in, so off you go! Head over to the scale, weigh-in and […]

The Biggest Loser returns tonight! Yay! I must admit, that I’m narrowing my eyes at you Biggest Loser producers, just so you know. We all know what happened the last time ya’ll added a new trainer. (What was her name?) So, producers: PROVE ME WRONG. Anyway, to all of my tweeps: Are ya’ll ready for […]

It’s a new year, and we’re looking for a brand new contributor for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! Here are a few details: This is not a paid opportunity! We’re looking for someone to share all the details of their shrinking journey with our readers. Pictures, measurements, chub rub, and all. You can’t be […]

I should just title this one True Confessions: The Road Trip Edition. I tried my best. I really, really did. But sometimes, when someone else is cooking, you just don’t have a lot of control. Or, you do have control, you just choose not to use it, LOL! It was either feast or famine as […]

Normally, our Monthly Projects are, well, monthly, but since January is such a special month and by special I mean there are so many of us reflecting on what the previous year brought and what the future has to bring that we’re going to make the projects WEEKLY again, for this month and this month […]

In a post last week, I wrote about some easy New Year’s fitness resolutions for runners can take — baby steps, if you will — that will help make them better runners. This week, I wanted to take another look another problem that runners often have with their New Year’s Resolutions: making resolutions that aren’t […]

When I was in the sixth grade, my class had a student teacher, Mrs. Duncan. Also, in the sixth grade, I went through an extremely rough time with some friends and all of a sudden, I was left with no friends. Mrs. Duncan knew how sad I was and being the very kind person that […]

This week, Barb had the honor of choosing the next awesome lady (or man) to be in the spotlight here at the Sisterhood! From Barb: I know everyone else says this, but I was completely surprised to see that I was nominated last week for the Sister Spotlight.  Thanks so much to Shera!  I can […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! If you’re new here at the Sisterhood, Saturday is usually the day we review and sometimes giveaway cool products. It might be our favorite new food item, a workout DVD, or a great cookbook. But……. Today is the very first day of 2011!! 1/1/11. So many people start diets today for that […]