Power of One Leaderboard::Week 2 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We’re two weeks in people! Do you have that January 1st momentum, or is it waning? Looking at the numbers from the Leaderboard this week, it looks like everyone’s kicking some serious pounds to the curb. Keep up the good work everyone!

Top 10 Shrinkers!

These numbers are based on percentage of weight lost since the first weigh-in! Way to go ladies!!


And now for this week’s winner of the awesome Eat Smart digital bathroom scale!

Mel L. you are the winner!!!


Thanks to Eat Smart for providing the digital bathroom scales for us to give away each week!

Thanks to CLICK for being the CLICKtastic sponsor for the Power of One Challenge! Be sure to get CLICK’n with CLICK on their Facebook page, too!

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