Power of One – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


January 5, 2011 By Christy

First let me start this off by saying I am SO confused. So confused. Not about my weight, because I know why it’s the way it is!

I’m confused because I’m trying to be the most healthful eater I can be, and everything I read contradicts something else I’ve read. You see, I’ve been on a path to clean eating for some time now. I’ve done it slowly, but I recognize the importance of cutting the crap and getting back to the basics. I’ve eliminated most processed foods from my home, and the processed items I do have are minimally processed or have a very short (and understandable) list of ingredients. I’ve never read any books that told me how to eat clean, I just did it. It was kind of common sense I guess.

Then some issues arose with my son, and we decided to take some action by changing his diet. (Diet really does affect WAY more than you think it does, but that a post I’ll have to write another time.) We (because yes, we chose to do it as a family to keep it simple and so my son didn’t feel ‘different’ at home) went on a diet that eliminates artificial or synthetic sweeteners, dyes, preservatives. That pretty much eliminates 75% of the stuff you can buy at the grocery store. It’s hard, but it’s so very worth it. I make a lot of things from scratch now

So, I just started reading South Beach Diet Supercharged, because so many of our fine sisters have had great success with it. I immediately loved the fact that it promotes whole eating so fiercely. Love. But the thing that gets me is that artificial sweeteners are pushed on you. We don’t do artificial and I refuse to go back. Everything else makes so much sense though. I love the 2 week Phase 1 and look at is as a type of  healthy food-based cleanse. Something my body could use right now. And I also appreciate the fact that Dr. Agatston puts so much emphasis on interval, or burst, training. My bootcamp is burst training based and it’s amazing and has changed my body in so many positive ways.

I’m just not sure if it’s something I want to do right now. I mean I think I want to do it, because I love the idea of ‘cleaning’ my body after all the crap I’ve put in over the past month. But is the way I’m eating right now really that bad? I eat mostly whole grains, but I do use real (organic) sugar. In my coffee I use stevia. But I cook a lot and bake a lot and I used the real deal, and I cannot change that.

So give me some insight. Have you tried South Beach? How did it work for you?

Do you use artificial sweeteners? Or

Do you eat clean?

WHAT should I do?!!!! (okay, you don’t really have to tell me what to do, unless you want to.)

So here are the numbers. Since I was out of town last week, this will be my first official weigh-in for the Power of One challenge.

Today’s weight: 138.6

My last weigh-in was 136.something, so I am up, but I am okay with it!

My goals for this challenge:

  • EXERCISE. Exercise often. Get back to running because it works for me, and I love it.
  • Eat clean.
  • FINALLY, finally lose this damn weight. I mean really. I’m over it. I’ve been struggling with these last 10-15 pounds for AGES, and I’m sick of it!