Power of One::Leaderboard Week 4 | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


We are 4 solid weeks in and nearing the end of January. My goodness there’s some shrinking and moving going on in the leaderboard this week! Congrats to our fabulous TOP 10 Shrinkers this week. All of you are doing an outstanding job showing!

Also, it seems like our shrinkers are dropping like flies. And we don’t mean dropping pounds in this case. So many of you are not checking in! What’s going on? Are you having a hard time? Did you have a gain this week? Last week? Just not feeling it? Please don’t give up. When the going gets tough, that’s when having extra support like you get here at the Sisterhood really helps. Let us know if you’re struggling and we’ll yell at you a la Jillian Michaels. Really, we’d do that for you.

Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint. We all have bad days, weeks, and yes, even months. You can’t give up though, because you are worth all the hard work. Trust.

The TOP 10 Shrinkers!


And now for this week’s winner of the awesome Eat Smart digital bathroom scale!

Ryan @ Chatterstorm! Congrats, man!!


Thanks to Eat Smart for providing the digital bathroom scales for us to give away each week!

Thanks to CLICK for being the CLICKtastic sponsor for the Power of One Challenge! Be sure to get CLICK’n with CLICK on their Facebook page, too!

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