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Normally, our Monthly Projects are, well, monthly, but since January is such a special month and by special I mean there are so many of us reflecting on what the previous year brought and what the future has to bring that we’re going to make the projects WEEKLY again, for this month and this month only.

Are you ready to get started? WHO’S READY FOR SOME REVISITING?? If you’re looking for motivation or inspiration, this is the project for you. If you choose only one project to do this year, let this one be it! (But we do hope you do more than that.) These can get pretty deep and that’s what we love, exposing ourselves to the world from the inside, because without working on the inside, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep working on the outside. At some point you’re gonna have to work on the inside. No matter what. (Don’t try to run. Your mind will follow. Trust me.)

First, for our newbies, what is the MONTHLY PROJECT?

We began the “Monday Project” during our “Rethink Your Shrink” challenge last year and we did them weekly on Mondays. We later turned them into Monthly projects rather than weekly. During this project, we ask you to do something that will usually have something to do with strengthening your psyche and mental attitude or organization within your life in a  self-help type of way and it is unrelated to whatever challenge we have going on at the time. You can join in at any time and link up with your posts about how you did. They are usually very fun, very deep, and we learn a lot about ourselves and each other when we do them.

Now, for January’s project #1:

Last year we wrote a letter to ourselves and these were the directions:

For this week’s project, I want you to close your eyes. (Well, after you read this.) And pretend that it’s January — of 2011.

One full year ahead.

And when you think about January 2011, think about where you are sitting. What you look like. Where you are. Think about all the things you did in 2010. How far you’ve come. The goals you’ve reached. The obstacles you faced in 2010. The things you learned. Visualize where you will be. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I know you don’t have much to go on since we’re not even out of January 2010 yet. But that’s kind of the whole purpose. 

Now, ”future self” (*this is me waving to  your future self and saying “Hi!!!”*), go ahead and write ”current self” a letter. Tell yourself what you’ve done in 2010 and who you’ve become. Tell yourself about all the scale and non-scale victories you’ve had. Anything that you think is valuable for your current self to know, go ahead, tell it.

Write the letter to yourself like it actually happened. No hypotheticals. Because “future-self” actually knows what went on in 2010! You have to trust her (or him)!! Channel “Future Self”. So that’s what it is this week. “Future-self,” write “current-self” a letter about what 2010 is like and what you hope for 2011.

 This is one of those things you can actually hold in your hand when January 2011 comes around and you can see for yourself just what you’ve done. I am sure you will agree with yourself on that day and maybe even surprise yourself. Because you’ve got 11 more months to make it real. And you will. Because you rock and because you’re you, and ps. I already know what you’re made of. (And because future me told me so.)

Well, GUESS WHAT? Everyone who was here last year to do this project, ARE YOU READY TO REVISIT? And if you are just joining us or joined us just after this project, THIS is the time to do it!

Go to your archives, go pull out your letter and READ IT. Read every word. Repost it. And after you settle down after you see what your goals were and wrap your mind around the fact that you REACHED the goals in your letter, share it with us and write a NEW one. If you haven’t done one already, DO ONE NOW!

Sit down, peer into that crystal ball of yours and picture yourself sitting in 2012, next January, what you look like, what you’re doing, what your frame of mind is, what you have in the bag from 2011. Then, write it all down, exactly how you picture it. Even if you’re scared of not reaching the goals because remember, this is actually 2012-YOU talking, so you KNOW you reached them!

This should be your very most powerful post of your year. Do you know why? Because January, heck, 2011 isn’t going to be about weight-loss, it’s going to be about soul-searching and finding out what you’re made of. It’s about goal-setting and goal-reaching and persistence and finding and re-finding motivation because as I wrote about last week, you can (and will) have rock bottom moments at any stage of your journey, even and especially at or near goal weight. The point is that you have the power to pick up and go on. And we know you have that power. And starting today you will show it to yourself.

I just got finished reading my letter from last year and I cried. I apparently greatly underestimated myself because I went ahead and reached goals that far surpassed what I had laid out in my letter!

Please do this project so you have something to look back on in 2012. It is a powerful one, trust me.

Link up on Friday in a special link-up post and visit everyone so they can see how close they came to their goals and if they didn’t, please encourage them! The link-up’s are extra special so we can visit each other and support each other in the SISTERHOOD that we are!

Have a great day! No, WAIT! Have a great YEAR!!

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