The Power of One — Or the Power of RUN – Christie O


January 19, 2011 By christieo

I’m down again that little bit I gained post-marathon although I am on vacation this week and I’ve been acting like it’s some sort of free for all with margaritas and tacos and meatballs and beer. My sister is a terrible influence. I have had to go grocery shopping to offset all the terrible habits of my family and as much fun as I’m having, I CAN’T WAIT TO RETURN TO MY OWN PANTRY!!!!!!!!!


The exercise is scattered but I did get out to get a run in and boy was it a wonderful much-needed break and a powerful one at that. Just 30 minutes sometimes is all I need to come back to life and be a better person and I got that. So much awesomeness that I had to write about it.
Anyway, we’re on vacation without my husband so playing single mom on vacation with toddlers who won’t nap or go to bed at the right time so are shredded and inconsolable and who obviously feel so totally out of their element that they’re acting like crazed lunatics has me sort of ragged at times. It’s amazing though how when I got to get that run in cured me! I can go another 10 rounds now! Also, it was the first one since Disney and it was amazing.

Gotta cut it short, hope everyone is having an amazing week! I’ll be back at my own pantry by next weigh-in!