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So, last week, The Biggest Loser gave us two new trainers but didn’t show us what they look like. Come on! We need to know if they’re cute trainers at least, right?! What did you guys think of the episode? Who is your favorite team so far?

You know the drill, today is Tuesday. The day before check-in, and we’re going to burn a few extra calories by having a Tworkout™ on Twitter. So, if you’ve never joined us before, join us tonight at 8 p.m. Central for a sweatin’ good time!

Tonight’s Tworkout

1. 1 min jump rope; 2 mins buttkicks while holding weights

2. 40 squats with tricep kickbacks

3. Wide stance push-ups, as many as you can do

4. 2 min towel jump; 3 burpees

5. Wall sit, for as long as you can

6. Plank hold, for as long as you can


As always, you can follow along on TweetGrid by going here!

See you there!

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