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January 5, 2011 By christieo

Good morning to all of you shrinkers!

Happy New Year!!

Last week was a really emotional one, saying goodbye to 2010 and December, really, which was a really rough month for us with the passing of my grandma, but when Saturday came, New Year’s Day, a huge wave of happiness and motivation and inspiration washed over me because Goddammit  JANUARY IS HERE AND THAT MEANS IT’S A NEW DAY AND A NEW YEAR! And I started off the new year with a spin class at 7:30 a.m. with friends.

It was the best New Year’s Day ever.

I can’t wait to post about revisiting my 2010 letter for this week’s project because for me, physically, 2010 was the best, most goal-setting, goal-reaching year this body has ever seen. It is the first year that I dumped the yo-yo and the first year that instead of focusing on weight-loss, I focused on fitness, a complete mind-shift that actually helped me lose weight in the process. No, I did not develop the rock hard body I had hoped, but I have crossed so many finish lines, not just physically, but mentally.

This year I already have my race scheduled planned and paid for, with different goals, goals of being faster and stronger. My life has truly, completely changed and when I think about how different I am from the days of yo-yo dieting and lack of self-confidence and even since January 1, 2010, it overwhelms me.

I am four days away from running my first full marathon with some of the very Sisters here who have inspired me to keep going along the way and just typing that is making me all giddy inside! I realize this post is supposed to about the weigh-in, which is actually not that great of news if we’re being honest here which we are, I have gained a pound actually, but I don’t want to focus on the number, mkay? Today, this year, it’s not about the number. (Well I guess it started out about the number and in some capacity it will always be about the number.)

However, I want it to be about my life.

And right now, life is good. Even with the extra pound.

The next time I weigh in, I will be a marathon finisher!!!!!!!