2011 Shrinking Jeans Olympics Results! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Our Ultimate Shrinking Olympian:

(and winner of a $30 Amazon.com giftcard!)


Gold medalists:

Marathon Challenge: Colleen B.

1-mile Dash:  **note: their was a mix-up on the results, and the gold goes to: Ryan A.!

Fastest Cycling Mile: Ryan A.

Rowing: Natasha B.

3-minute Hula: Heather A.

Relay 1/2 Marathon: Kirsten M., Bari F., Ashley S., Brooke F.

Crunches: Mary P.

Swimming, 500M: Kirsten M.

5K Run: Ryan A.

5K Walk: Mary P.

5K Elliptical: Ann G.

Burpees: Colleen B.

6-mile Cycle: Ryan A.

10K Run: Ryan A.

10K Walk: Adah M.

10K Elliptical: Tiffany S.

Plank: Colleen B.

Duathlon: Ryan A.

6-minute Hula: Beki B.

Total Exercise Minutes: Brooke F.

Wall-sits: Brooke F.

4-mile Relay: Christy M., Colleen B., Ashely S., Thea R.

Squat Hold: Colleen B.

Push-ups: Ann G.

Silver medalists:

Marathon Challenge: Ryan A.

1-mile Dash: **note: their was a mix-up on the results, and the silver goes to: Ashley S.!

Fastest Cycling Mile: Heather A.

Rowing: Mary P.

3-minute Hula: Shera W.

Relay 1/2 Marathon: Heather A., Colleen B., Ryan A., Mary P.

Crunches: Heather A.

5K Run: Colleen B.

Burpees: Brenda P.

6-mile Cycle: Heather A.

10K Run: Ashley S.

Plank: Heather A.

Duathlon: Heather A.

6-minute Hula: Adah M.

Total Exercise Minutes: Melissa A.

Wall-sits: Bari F.

4-mile Relay: Brooke F., Joanna H., Kirsten M., Adah M.

Squat Hold: Beki B.

Push-ups: Ryan A.

Bronze medalists:

Marathon Challenge: Beki B.

1-mile Dash: **note: their was a mix-up on the results, and the bronze goes to Kirsten M.!

Fastest Cycling Mile: Thea R.

3-minute Hula: Mel L.

3-minute Hula: Tiffany S.

Crunches: Natasha B.

5K Ru: Beki B.

6-mile Cycle: Ann G.

10K Run: Colleen B.

Plank: Kirsten M.

Plank: Ryan A.

Duathlon: Colleen B.

6-Minute Hula: Tiffany S.

Total Exercise Minutes: Ryan A.

Wall-sits: Adah M.

Squat Hold: Ann G.

Push-ups: Thea R.

Congratulations to ALL of our participants and medalists! I hope you had fun and pushed yourselves farther than usual! Leave your feedback below! Is there events you would like to see added? Dropped? What was your favorite part of the Olympics? Least favorite? We want to know!

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