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Hello, friends!

It’s time to wrap up our February project which was to send our bodies into failure! (In a good way!)

Did you do it again this week? Have you done it every week? How? How did you feel? Did you want to go back for more? Are you glad you pushed yourself (more importantly will you do it again even without the project?)

My failure this week:

While at my trainer this week I fully expected another Bosu ball moment. However, failure came in a different way: the foam roller.

Wonderful evil foam roller.

If you’re not familiar with the foam roller, it is great for working out kinks in your muscles and massaging injured regions. A trainer introduced me to it long ago and when you lay down on top of it with it under your thighs, you can feel the knots working their way out of your muscles. It’s very helpful painful.

On this day, we used the foam roller for balance.

We had one foam roller that was cut in half like a long lincoln log. We stood on top of the flat surface and did (somewhat flailing) squats. And then we did this funny move where it’s long ways and you have your legs one in front of the other sort of like a warrior pose would be or rather how I described it, like from the scene in Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze stands on the log and points at Baby to go onto the log so they can dance. I felt like a very unbalanced Baby. We did squats that way too.

However, the fail came when we were actually laying down on the full foam roller longways (the foam roller was under my head, went down my back and my butt was at the end of it) and we had to do situps. But situps with no momentum. You have to “roll” your body up slowly rather than use that momentum that you would normally use during a regula situp.

Without the foam roller, I could do it (sort of).

But ON the foam roller = fail. Not even one. I tried. I grunted. I wiggled.


Total abfail.

Time to do some more work.

Each time I’ve sent my body into failure, I’ve been careful. Instead of viewing these things as something I can’t do, I viewed them as something to conquer. Which I will.

I’ll be visiting the foam roller and the Bosu a lot in the coming weeks.

I will conquer them both.

During this challenge, I have begun to do more than 20 man pushups (in a row.) And I’ve found areas that need work. I will continue to fail after this. In a good way.

So what was your fail? How did you like this project? Blog about it, link up below and come back Monday for March’s project!

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