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I don’t know about you, but for me every.single.day is a whirlwind. Places to go, errands to run, kids to feed, things to clean, work projects to complete. Is it like that for you?

How do you find a single moment for yourself in a day that is crammed so tightly if it bent over it’s jeans would surely rip?

You want to know how I take a moment for me? I train for races!! Seriously. If I didn’t have an impending race on my calendar, with registration already paid up, and a commitment to a friend to cross the finish line with her, I wouldn’t take a moment for myself. I wouldn’t make exercise a priority, because all of the other things would win out. Oh, and I’m pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. If I don’t *have* to do it, I’m probably not going to. IJS!

Yes, I sign-up for races so I can have me time! How silly and simple is that? Now I’m not going to lie and say when I sign up for a race, my calendar magically clears so I can have all the time I need for training runs, cross-training and strength-training. Nope! But having that race on the calendar forces me to shift priorities and be more efficient with my time. And really, is the world going to stop turning because my floor is a little dog-hairy-er than usual?

So I want to know how you manage to find moments for yourself each week. Are they fitness moments, reading moments, mediation moments? Does anything else really suffer because you take time to make YOU the priority?

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