Power of One Final Weigh-in – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Can you believe it’s the final weigh-in for the Power of One Challenge? For real!! We’re 53 days into this fabulous New Year and we want to know what you have to show for it!!

Blog all about your experiences with this challenge and link up below. We’d love to know how you did and how you felt about the challenge overall. Don’t forget to fill in the weigh-in form below, either!

We’d like to give a huge shout out to our fabulous challenge sponsors! Both CLICK and Eat Smart Products have been Sisterhood supporters for a long time, and we truly appreciate their dedication to us and YOU!


One randomly chosen winner for the Nike ID Gift Certificate and $150 worth of CLICK products, sponsored by CLICK, will be announced tomorrow along with the final leaderboard! Remember, you had to have checked-in all 8 weeks of the challenge to be eligible to win. We’ll also be giving away another awesome Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scale tomorrow, courtesy of Eat Smart Products.

The Next Challenge

For those of you wondering what’s next, you’re in luck! We’ll have a brand-spanking-new challenge starting NEXT WEEK (3/2/11). That’s right, next Wednesday we’ll start all over again – we’re not giving you any time off this time around!

We’ll be making an announcement with more juicy details later this week! (Hint: you won’t be be ‘one’…..)

*If this was your first challenge, we hope you enjoyed it and stick around! If you’ve been here forever, thank you so much for coming back every day and joining. You make this site what it is!!!

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