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Last week, the spotlight was on our lovely social sister, Colleen. Today, she passes the limelight on to the beautiful Monica B.! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life, Monica!

Name: Monica B.
Twitter: @MonicaBenavidez
Age: 25
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Tell us about your family: My family means the world to me, and they are the reason I am trying to get healthy. My husband Daniel and I have been married since May 2009, and he’s simply my bestest friend in the world. We don’t have any children, but we do have a dog named Pee Wee that we treat like a child. Pee Wee is about 5 years old, and he’s just the sweetest thing EVER. I worry so much about what my dog eats, and I make sure he eats the healthiest food possible, so I am finally applying that principle to myself. I am an only child, but my husband is the eldest of 7, so there’s plenty of family to go around. I love everyone very dearly, and I hope my lifestyle change (not diet!) inspires my loved ones to be a bit healthier.

What is your favorite workout? I have 3 that are all tied for first place. If anyone follows me on Twitter, they know I adore Turbo Jam, Just Dance 2 and Walk Away the Pounds. Each is so different, yet has a lot to offer any person regardless of fitness level, which is what I love. Turbo Jam challenges me with the intense kickboxing and cardio moves. I could barely get through it when I started on January 1st, and now I have the moves memorized. Just Dance 2 is fun because it’s dancing. Anyone who thinks that a dance game for the Wii cannot possibly be a workout needs to do the Tina Turner, Wham and Outkast songs back to back and tell me they didn’t break a sweat! Walk Away the Pounds is also a part of my fitness routine because it’s a total body workout that anyone can do who may not be able to do high impact aerobics or who hates dancing. Bottom line- I workout at home and like workouts that are challenging, fun and provide results.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? I think my 2 biggest accomplishments would be losing about 60 pounds in 2002-2003 (though I gained them back). The fact that I’ve done it before and kept most of it off through 2009 proves I can lose and maintain my weight when I focus and lead a healthy lifestyle. Something else I am so proud of is becoming a homeowner in October of 2010. No more loud apartment neighbors, and I finally have a backyard to run around in with Pee Wee! And I can stomp around and blast Glee songs whenever I’d like.

Have you set any goals for this year? I have, actually. I set goals in 2011 because I really want to get down to a healthy weight. I don’t know if I will get to my exact goal weight in 2011, but it’s my hope to finish out the year as healthy and fit as I can be. My goal is to make small changes that will lead to long-lasting results I can maintain.

Who is your best support in your healthier-living journey? My husband. Though I sometimes tell him otherwise (like when he wants something fried!) he truly is my biggest fan. He tries to think of healthy alternatives to “bad” food I am craving, and he lets me have the TV to workout. Him giving up the TV for about an hour a day really shows he cares, especially during football season. 😉

Favorite songs on your iPod right now? I have so many, but right now I am obsessed with Katy Perry. Love her! “Firework” always makes me feel happy, motivated and inspired. “Peacock” is a bit on the risque side, but it’s another Katy Perry song that has an infectious beat that anyone can appreciate and shake their booty to.

Who or what inspires you? Seeing other weight loss success stories on Twitter and blogs is always inspiring, but for me what is most inspiring is thinking about how great it’ll be to feel comfortable in my own skin. Not worried about how my arms look or if my pants are too tight seems like such a carefree, liberating notion that keeps me striving to reach my goals. I guess the bottom line is that being a healthy, happy person is always on my mind and is the reason I am focusing so hard. Keep your eye on the prize, and it’ll soon be yours.

Do you have any must-have health/beauty/clothing products? I know an iPhone doesn’t seem like a health product, but to me it is. I use My Fitness Pal on my phone, and I love being able to track my calories and look up nutritional info easily when I am out and about. Clothing…hhhmm. My Asics are the best shoes I’ve EVER owned for working out. They keep my feet/legs injury free, and they’re a really pretty silver/aqua color. Gorgeous. Really. And finally, my Polar FT7. My Polar heart rate monitor helps me workout harder and smarter. I know some people feel they are pricey, but trust me, after just 1 workout, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t buy it sooner.

Name 3 blogs you love to read! I read so many, it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to 3. For home decor/crafts on the cheap, I adore Living with Lindsay (and you will too!) I also love Colleen’s blog The Fit Bee, and because I am obsessed with home decor and the color turquoise I also love House of Turquoise.

5 things we don’t already know about you! Let’s see…

  • I do not like seafood or chinese food whatsoever.
  • I’ve never worn a bikini, and would really love to.
  • I can’t carry a tune to save my life yet I love to sing.
  • I’d love to be a wedding photographer someday.
  • Grilling scares me because I’m afraid I’ll ruin food…and guess what we just bought? A grill. Wish me luck!

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