The February Project Link Up #1: Operation Body Fail – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I wish I could explain how I sent my body into fail mode this week but I tried to picture how I would write it and it sounded a little vulgar.

Did you reach body failure this week?

For me, this week it was “ab” failure. Ab failure resulting in full body failure.

All in a good way, of course, and for the first time in the world I saw which exercise might rid me of the pooch. (Hooray!)

But oh, the burn!

It all happened in “body pump” class, which if you are interested in body failure, usually body pump or some sort of class that involves weights and cardio bursts will do the trick and it comes in all sorts of names and mine is “body pump”. I knew I would achieve body failure in this class and I went for it.

I laid down on my back, put my legs in the air (see? I told you this would sound raunchy.) and put them in a big V. (Picture the whole class doing this. And by the way, hot guys named “Christos” should be banned from “body pump” class. I’m just saying.) By the way, I didn’t just randomly do this, everyone was doing this and the teacher was leading us in 15 minutes of abs. I could have explained that better.

Anyway, I’m layng down and my legs are in a “V” (We’re all in a “V”) then, we reached up with our arms through our legs and pulsed for 4, then held for 8 then pulsed for 4 and held for 8 and did this about 100 times or it felt like it. Then instead of a break at the end (when wanting to collapse), you lay back with your legs straight out on the floor but don’t touch the ground with your feet, put your arms straight out above your head while laying down and do a full body crunch where you bring your legs in to your chest and your arms in to hug your legs and straighten your body back out without touching your feet to the ground. Do this about 100 times after doing the aforementioned exercise. OK, not really 100 times but it felt like it.

Result: body fail.

Do you understand any of this? Probably not. It sounds like something you’d do with your husband (or a guy named Christos from Body Pump class) on Valentine’s day.

What was your body fail? I am always so shocked when I reach body fail with exercises that require no weights at all and my personal trainer and any body pump teacher can usually do that pretty effectively.

I can’t wait to read your stories! Did you push yourself? How did it feel? I’m SORE TODAY! All over!

Link up below and go visit your sisters! And then do this all over again next week, mkay?

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s the project post!

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