The February Project Link Up #2: Operation Body Fail | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s February where the word “fail” is actually a good thing!

Yep, Operation Body Fail is in full swing here at the Sisterhood, have you worked on pushing that beautiful body of yours wayyyy outside its boundaries?

I have!

This week I went into fail first thing Monday morning with pushups and by the way, I did 20!!! I’m really feeling the pushup, I cannot believe it!

I did the pushups again on Thursday with my second personal training session and they are starting to feel effortless!!! It’s amazing!! However, body fail didn’t come on Thursday until I got onto the Bosu.

Do you know what a Bosu ball is?

It’s like half a balance ball: one side is the ball part, the other part is flat hard plastic. The exercise my trainer had me doing was one-legged squats on the Bosu. You stand with one foot exactly in the center of the top of that ball, and then do squats.

However, I couldn’t even stand on one foot on the Bosu, let alone squat. She had to stand there and try to hold me but I never could get my balance. Now, for someone who is pretty coordinated, can do a long plank and has pretty good balance, it spoke volumes about my core. As in, if my core could talk, it would say, “Hahahahaha! Nope! Not quite there yet, girl, keep workin!”

My new nemesis? The Bosu. I’m gonna get you, Bosu. The Bosu makes me want to go in early and practice and I think I just might.

What did you do this week? If you haven’t started this project yet, there is still time! We are pushing our bodies to body fail as much as possible throughout February! Link up your stories below!

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