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In poring over the fact that this weight-loss game is a battle of choices and consistency I thought maybe we could help a sister out. And vice versa.

Because it’s not day by day or week by week.

This thang is MOMENT BY FREAKIN MOMENT. Which door do I choose?

I say that because in all honesty, I will be just fine picking up my children from school one minute and then something will happen on the way home and within just minutes  I will find myself driving toward an arch or a chicken with a cow mascot and what happens from there is anyone’s guess. I could have chosen door number a) which is the “decided not to drive there at all” door and that decision could be influenced by whether or not I have adequately shopped or have food that sounds delectible and is also easy and quick enough to access at home.

Or I could have chose door number b) which is the “chosen something healthy at one of these restaurants” door. But then of course there is always door number (c) which is the “go there and eat my face off” option. And that’s my problem. (You?)

Of course I could have eaten a great breakfast and chosen door number (a) in every scenario and even have been aptly grocery shopped but then Voila! Valentine’s party at the kids’ school with chocolate mousse filled chocolate heart shells and delectible deliciousness OR I get a note on my door saying that the Girl Scout Cookies (that I DID NOT ORDER- mind you) have arrived. (Husband!)

Moment by Moment.

So for March, which is nutrition month, we’re going to play a little game called the “March Moment by Moment” game.

Every single time you pass up something that was an unplanned unnecessary addition to your caloric intake, you tweet the following:

“#mbm @shrinkingjeans

Or put your Facebook status on “#mbm @shrinkingjeans

The fun part is that when you tweet “#mbm,” NO ONE ELSE WILL KNOW what the heck you’re talking about. Which is kind of funny i’nt it? Except of course for the people who have or will read this post. And those who HAVE will know that you just DID IT! YOU MADE A GREAT CHOICE AND IT WAS FREAKIN HARD BUT YOU DID IT! And we will all Tweet-pplaude you for it!

 This is our little secret game and it’s fun! However, anyone can play. So it’s not really secret. But kindasorta. Anyway, if you see that someone has tweeted this, GO CONGRATULATE THEM! RETWEET THEM! THIS IS A BIG DEAL! THIS MEANS THEY’VE STAYED ON TRACK! And we all need that kind of support don’t we? And “friend” anyone who’s tweeting and retweeting it! (Who’s actually playing, that is.)

Now, if you are not on either Facebook or Twitter, that’s ok! Come leave us a comment ON ANY POST. It will not be weird. It will be funny. It doesn’t matter what post it is, comment #mbm. We will know what just happened. And good for you. YOU DID IT!

And then, finally try to keep track of this. How many times did you decide NOT to fill your piehole with something that was unplanned or unsolicited (friends who are passing the chip bowl your way)? By the end of the week you can count up your tweets or the number of times you’ve said “moment by moment” to yourself and discarded the derailer, blog about it and link it up and tell us how many times you did it and what you said no to. Or you don’t even have to count them (although it would be interesting to know how many times you were AWESOME), you can just blog about the choices you’ve made and if this helped.

You can also write #mbm on a piece of paper to remind yourself that you are only but one moment away from a choice that will derail or empower you. (Remember just #bm means something entirely different. So make sure it’s #MBM ok? *snicker*)

Now, here’s the trick: this doesn’t count for things that you have PLANNED for. If you know ahead of time you’re going somewhere, KNOW AHEAD OF TIME WHAT YOU’RE GETTING or allowing for yourself!  Beyond that, it is a derailer, and that’s where “moment by moment” comes in. The object is to simultaneously plan, allow for yummies, and be in control of them too.

I felt good doing this myself as someone called to tell me they were stopping at 5 Guys and would I like something? No thank you, I said. And then “moment by moment,” I whispered to myself. And I felt pretty good as I sat down for my lunch of brown rice, black beans, salsa, spinach and cheese in a big huge bowl and it was delicious.

So. Wanna play? TWEET AWAY! Link up on the link-up post this Friday. This is also a great way for you and your partner to check yo selves! WOOT!

We’re here alllll month. Don’t forget.. #mbm.


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