The Monthly Project: Final Week of Operation Body Fail!!! – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Well it’s the end of February which means that this is the last week of  Operation Body Fail where “failure” is actually a good thing!

Whaaaa? You haven’t done it yet? You must try it! Go exhaust those muscles, go run that fast mile, go push yourself whatareyawaitingfor???? Haven’t read the post? Catch up right here!

I’ll be tackling the Bosu again this week among other things, so head on out, get to it, blog about it and link it up on Friday! (I’d like to thank @Bosufitness by the way for giving me a tip on how to do the one-legged squat on the Bosu ball! Their tip: start with two legs, get comfortable, then try one!)

What will your fail be this week?