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Happy Tuesday! It should be morning wherever you are, and if you have snow? I’M JEALOUS. So, who is up for an awesome tworkout tonight? When I say it’s going to be awesome, I mean it’s going to be AWESOME!

Tonight’s tworkout is brought to you by Salonpas! And we have TWO great prize packs for two lucky Tworkout-ers tonight!

Each prize pack includes:

  • Kathy Kaehler DVD’s
  • Schoolhouse Gummies
  • Usana Nutrition Bar
  • Montagne Jaeunesse Mud Pac masque
  • Salonpas Sponsorship Pack (which includes samples, massager and magnet, water bottle, backpack, and t-shirt)

So. NOW who’s excited?! All you have to join us on Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and tworkout with us while we all watch The Biggest Loser (or whatever show you choose)! 

Tonight’s Tworkout:

1. 2 min frog jump, 1 min buttkicks (while holding weights)

2. Chair dips, as many as you can do

3. 60 second squat hold (do two if you’re advanced)

4. 15 (or more) burpees

5. 40 alternating lunges with bicep curls

6. 2 min Russian Twists (I really like this one!)


As always, you can follow along on TweetGrid by going here!

See you there!

**Program note: We will not be having the West Coast version of the tworkout tonight. It will return next week!**

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